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Polished Concrete


What is Polished Concrete?
Experts agree that polished concrete is the most cutting-edge, durable, and cost-effective type of floor available
on the market today. More and more warehouses, retail buildings, manufacturing facilities, industrial plants, government buildings, restaurants, automotive factories, and showrooms are switching to polished concrete
every day.

The polishing process involves industrial diamonds, hardeners, and sealers, which level, add density to,
polish, and seal the concrete. The floor is polished until we achieve the shine you want—whether you want
a mirror-like shine or a matte finish—and we can add dyes and designs if you desire. The result is beautiful,
glossy, easy-to-clean concrete that is much harder and more durable than before—adding years to the life
of your floor.

The process is also environmentally friendly and consistent with Leadership in Energy and Environmental
Design (LEED) standards

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Depending on your needs, your concrete floor can have a:

✓ Honed finished, which produces a matte-like appearance.
✓ Semi-polished finish
✓ High-polished finish, which produces a mirror-like finish

Categories for polished concrete

Because polished concrete is much less porous than regular concrete, it is easier to maintain and is stain resistant. Polishing the concrete helps reduce wear and tear over time and the need for dusting, and it makes your floor resistant to nuisances such as water, chemicals, heat, forklift tires, and abrasive objects.

Polished concrete also helps reduce your energy bills, as light from the ceiling reflects off the floor, enhancing your ambient lighting and the beauty of your room.

Polished concrete is much less slippery than regular concrete, increasing safety and reducing the risk of lawsuits at your place of business.

Because the polished concrete process is environmentally friendly, the time it takes for you to get back to business is minimal because you don’t have to wait for hazardous fumes to abate, reducing interference
into your day-to-day activities. Polished concrete can also be walked on immediately after it’s polished.
Polished concrete is beautiful, which adds to the overall ambiance of your building.

But the true benefit of polished concrete comes in your long-term savings. Because polished concrete is more durable than regular concrete and most other types of floors, you reduce your maintenance costs (you’ll never have to wax your floor again) and decrease the likelihood of ever having to replace your floor.
Concrete polishing is becoming increasingly popular because it produces stunningly beautiful, yet durable, floors. Concrete polishers use different types of diamond resin pads to polish the concrete, which allows them to vary the shine, reflectivity, and density of the floor. Chemical densifiers and hardeners are also used, which enhance the floor’s durability.

Designs can also be added to the concrete through dyes, saw cuts, and by exposing aggregate stone, ultimately giving the floor a terrazzo look.

More and more building owners are choosing concrete polishing over expoxy/resinous floor coatings because the concrete polishing process transforms your regular concrete floor into an abrasion-resistant, spill-resistant, dust-resistant, extremely dense, smooth, and durable floor. If you prefer, concrete polishing can also transform your floor into a beautiful work of art.

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