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Surface Preperation


Why prepare the surface?
In order to achieve the best end result, concrete surfaces must first have the correct form of surface preparation applied. This all depends on the existing surface materials and substrates already present, as well as the age and the type of concrete used.

At BF Flooring Specialties, we have the equipment and expertise to make sure any surface we come across is prepared properly, to best suit the methods and techniques that needs to be applied to achieve the end goal.


Concrete grinding is a process that is used to rehabilitate concrete floors. The process involves a diamond-grinding surface preparation system that creates minimal dust and uses little to no water, and the process can be used to repair joint curling, rained out slabs, poor finish work, spalling, discoloration, staining, damaged coatings, damaged water-proof membranes, build-up adhesives, mastic, carpet glue, delaminating, cracking, and uneven surfaces.

The concrete grinding process involves heavy-duty grinding equipment, which allows you to remove
mastics and thin-set mortars and ultimately polish your concrete floor in the manner in which you desire. 

   Coating Removal  

Floor scraping equipment is used to remove carpet, epoxies, vinyl, wood, ceramics, decorative coatings, VCT, sport courts, and many other types of floor surfaces and coverings.

   Coating Shot Blasting  

Proper surface preparation is necessary to guarantee that a floor has a long life, and shotblasting is a key technique that should be used whenever a new floor requires bonding to various substrates. Improper surface preparation can lead to surface contamination, which will drastically reduce bonding strength.

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