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Concrete Repair


If replacing your floor is too costly for your budget, floor repair can be a cost-effective and time-efficient option.
BF Flooring Specialties offers a variety of long-term repair options and uses the most effective procedures available today. Additionally, BF Flooring Specialties can repair floors that are worn down or damaged from moisture, rebar corrosion, or other causes, some of which can make concrete pieces break away from the
main slab, forming “spalling.”

BF Flooring Specialties can also make new patch material and seamlessly blend it into your concrete slab,
making repairs virtually unnoticeable, with the final result being a beautiful, smooth floor that will last for years.
Often, the repaired floor is just as good as the original.

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There are two types of polyurethane grout injection products–hydrophobic and hydrophilic—and they are both often used in warehouses, cold storage facilities, manufacturing facilities, industrial facilities, food processing plants, water and waste-water facilities, and other industrial facilities. The procedures are also often used when time and temperature are a concern—such as in refrigerated facilities—as well as in wire guiding systems and on defective concrete, concrete joints, limestone, and brick.

BF Flooring Specialties provides polyurethane grout injection, which is used to prevent water infiltration,
seal joints, and refurbish concrete and masonry.

   Repair/Spalling repair  

The word “spalling” refers to concrete that has broken off from the main concrete slab, which usually occurs because of water corrosion.
To repair spall, BF Flooring Specialties removes the damaged concrete from the spall area, replaces any corroded rebar, coats the rebar with a corrosion inhibitor, and then prepares the spall area with a bonding agent so that it is ready for the patch material. Finally, the spall area is filled with an extremely strong patching agent, which may need to be applied in steps, depending on how damaged the area is.  

   Concrete patch Repair  

Concrete patch repair can appear simple, but if a patch is redone incorrectly it can become a nuisance, leading to mounting costs, and increasing your risk of personal injury.

BF Flooring Specialties specializes in patch repair, and we help our customers determine which materials are most suited to their particular needs. We help customers evaluate repair materials for hardness, flexibility, and abrasion resistance, and we help them determine whether they should use Portland cement base or Hydraulic cement base.

BF Flooring Specialties has particular expertise in repairing floors in high-traffic, low-temperature rooms, such as in freezers and coolers used in the food-service industry, warehouses, and distribution centers.

Our repair products harden quickly, allowing for minimal downtime.  


BF Flooring Specialties’ staff is skilled in the fine art of concrete restoration, and we have decades of experience with both structural and non-structural concrete restoration and repair projects of all sizes.

We understand that each restoration project requires a unique approach, whether we’re restoring a crack, repairing a spall, or strengthening an under-designed component. Whatever the problem, BF Flooring Specialties has the expertise to repair it within your budget and timeframe.

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