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Structural Concrete Repair


In some cases structural concrete repair is needed when the damage of the concrete lies beneath the surface, and can affect the core structure of your site.

BF Flooring Specialties is proud of our reputation for providing our commercial, industrial, civil, private, and
public customers with cost-effective and long-lasting flooring solutions, including strengthening, structural repair, concrete protection, and many other flooring services.

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   Carbon Fiber  

Carbon fiber wrap is used to strengthen and/or reinforce concrete structures. It provides a high-tensile strength that can be used as bending or shear reinforcement. It can also be applied in limited-access
areas without compromising its strength. As it is thin and light-weight the installation time is quick,
and as it is highly durable, it is often used where floors are exposed to chemicals or harsh environments.

As with any project, BF Flooring Specialties looks at each carbon fiber project as a unique project, tailoring each to a customer’s needs.

   Crack Repair  

Cracks in concrete are most often caused by stress, poor design, and improper curing. If cracks in concrete are not taken care of in a timely manner, they can worsen and make repairs more costly and intensive. Structural cracks can be especially damaging to the reinforcing bar, which is one of the main structural values of concrete. If they are exposed to moisture, road salts, or other harmful contaminants, the crack can eventually wear down to the rebar, ultimately damaging the structural value of your concrete and leading to conditions that can be hazardous to you and your employees.

Before a concrete crack is repaired, BF Flooring Specialties determines the cause, ultimately ensuring
a long-lasting solution.

The most common method of crack repair is routing and sealing, whereby a crack is enlarged so that the repair compound can sufficiently penetrate the floor.  

   Crack Injection  

Concrete cracks are repaired with an epoxy resin that is injected under pressure, causing it to completely infuse into the depth and length of the crack, repairing it in its entirety. Once the crack has been injected
with an epoxy resin, it is actually much stronger than the original concrete, and the process prevents further elongation of the cracks. If you have multiple cracks, the epoxy injection process welds them together structurally, ultimately leading to a more durable and stronger floor than what you had originally.

Quality of workmanship in epoxy injection is crucial; because concrete cracks include microscopic damage, only proper workmanship can guarantee that the cracks are fully sealed. This is why BF Flooring Specialties properly prepares the concrete surface, correctly caps and ports, and uses the best injection and application methods to ensure the microscopic cracks are filled with the best long-term solution.

BF Flooring Specialties has the expertise, training, and equipment to perform unique injection applications — vertical, horizontal, overhead — for whatever your concrete repair needs. We use a wide variety of resins and gels, perform low- or high-pressure injection work, and perform a variety of other crack repair processes to get the job done right the first time. Saving you time and money in the long run.  

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