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Flooring Options


There are many inexpensive treatments available that will lengthen the overall life of your floor. For example
color, sealants, and decorative designs—logos, patterns, or any type of design imaginable—can be added in the span of a few hours. Micro-toppings and self-leveling can also make a damaged and dull floor look new again.

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   Grind and Seal  

The process is achieved with diamond tooling under a large commercial grinder. This process can be achieved with as little as a single grinding step and sealer. Up to multiple diamond grinding steps and sealer. Depending on the condition of the existing concrete floor and the desired finish. This can be
a more cost effective solution to polished concrete as they have a similar appearance.

   Decorative Options  

BF Flooring Specialties specializes is helping our clients make their vision a reality, and there is a stunning array of options available to someone looking to update their business’ floor:
1. Decorative aggregates such as polished stones, marble chips, glass, mirrors, nuts, bolts, metal scraps,
    and laser-cut metal logos can be used to create a stunning design
2. Customized logo and engraving designs offer endless possibilities
3. Color can be injected deep into the concrete, giving it a saturated luster that won’t fade
4. Or, a client can mix and match any number of these design options.

BF Flooring Specialties can make your vision a reality.  

 Topping and Overlays  

Concrete overlays are an inexpensive way to spruce up your floor—whether it is made of concrete, wood,
or some other surface—and give it a complete face lift, transforming your dull, drab surface. It is a perfect solution for someone who is on a budget, wants to save time, and wants to avoid demolition costs. After the overlayment has been installed, our expert crews can apply acid- or water-based stains or dyes- or polish—there are endless possibilities, and our expert staff can help you add a personal touch to your new floor.  


Self-leveling overlayment is an inexpensive process that can be used on damaged concrete, wood, and other types of floors that need to be smooth, level, hard, and durable, and it’s perfect for interior or exterior projects that need to be finished quickly.The overlayment process uses self-leveling cement, which is pumped onto your floor, rapidly filling in dips and cracks.

The process is quick—self leveling cement dries within three hours and can be stained, sealed, and polished within 24 hours of pouring.

Self-leveling overlayments also prevent demolition costs, making them perfect for the price-conscious building owner who doesn’t want to completely tear out their old floor.

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