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Grind and Seal


An economical and easy way to transform any concrete floor. With the use of other substrates, sealers and even color you can turn any space into something more interesting and contemporary, with either a matt, natural look or even a high-gloss finish. The design options are endless.

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   Grind and Seal Process  

The grinding process will depend on the age of the concrete slab. The older slabs and those with certain adhesives or sealants will generally require a grind to clean and prepare them for any new materials that we need to use. However, a light grind is always recommended as it helps clean the existing slab and allows the dye to penetrate the surface a lot better.

   The options  

Almost any concrete slab can be customized to fit your design requirements.
The options available to you can vary but are generally:
• Light grind and seal – to enhance the natural beauty of what is already there. Much cleaner and with
a bit more shine to it. Recommended on newer slabs.

• Heavy grind and seal – this is a deeper grind, exposing the aggregate and therefore creating the effect of deeper color, but maintaining the natural gray of the concrete.
• Dye and seal – This will have more color variations and a mottling effect on the floor then a dyed and polished one option. It is best suited to newer slabs, however older ones can also be dyed and sealed if you prefer a more natural worn look. The effect can be enhanced or minimized depending on what you prefer.
• Grind, dye and seal – This can be done with a light or a heavy grind, depending on the effect you want to achieve. It is the best option for older slabs as it maintains a more consistent finish.
• Custom designs and logos – Your branded designs, logos or any patterns you desire can be dyed into the floor.

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